Zen in Action

A meditation and awareness week- end 

to have a direct experience of no mind

in an easy, practical, down to earth way. 

These simple yet powerful active meditations

and centering devices, can transform 

your personal and professional life.

Practicing the art of staying aware,centered and relaxed

while facing in the the day to day challenges of life



Tantra - Zen

An invitation to discover
how the worlds of Tantra and Zen can meet
and support our meditation.
Exploring the sensitivity of the body,
the grace and trust of the heart
in partner exercises.
Using the expansion of the senses
and the warm of the heart
together with the coolness of the hara,
to meet, melt and merge with the outer and inner lover.
Through the outer lover we can meet the beloved inside
The fire of the awakened energy explored in the circle of light,
becomes a bridge to the silent sitting of Zen.
Sitting becomes easy, relaxing,
allowing the ultimate flower of tantra to happen,
the pearl of zen.


Reliving Past Lives: Living Now!

Reliving past lives is one way to transform your present life.
Do you sometimes live a situation, meet people, see places with the feeling that you have already known them? Or have a dream that reveals memories, fragments of past lives, that enter into the present?
In this course we do it consciously through Regression Therapy. This is a journey backwards in time, to re-live and release the imprints of the past, re-awaken our talents and creativity, take responsibility for the life we create and simply celebrate our present life.

Passion for Life

finding your talents and treasures

this is a treasure hunt to rediscover
- first:
the golden child's talents and treasures alive in you now.
a chance to find your true vocation in a simple and playful way
going back in time to retrieve the freshness of the star child in you.
you can move from the wounded child into the wonder child.
you can resource yourself with the joy, imagination, creativity, authenticity and vitality of your own inner golden child

Read more: Passion for Life


Inner Talents

Have you ever asked yourself -
am i working on what i am best at?
am i living my potential and enjoying my work - life?
can i "survive" doing what i enjoy?
We offer you a space where we can explore the hidden potentials, abilities, resources and gifts of our magical child, reconnecting to a place of wonder and delight, moving from silence into creativity and celebration and back.
trough meditation, awareness devices, energy clearing, dance, painting and play we can find the trust in our capacity to create an abundant and juicy life.
Instead of living to work, work like a child plays, empowering ourselves and moving from earning a living into a life of fun.

Zen Latino

A unique synthesis between the simplicity of Zen and the natural vitality, joy and exuberance of the Latin spirit.
The spirit of Zen includes humor as a spiritual dimension, Osho - Zen: Zorba the Buddha, takes Zen an step further adding more Zalza to Zen.

"Zen means only sitting and going to the source, without going anywhere an enormous energy rises and a transformation of energy in Light and Love, in more life, more compassion, more creativity. It can take many forms, but first you have to learn how to go to your center, to the source. Then the source decides what your potential is. If you can relax, at the source, it will take you to your true potential".

"Your enlightenment is perfect only when silence has come to be a celebration. Hence my insistence that after you meditate you must celebrate. After you have been silent you must enjoy it, you must have a thanksgiving. A deep gratitude must be shown towards the whole just for the opportunity that you are, that you can meditate, that you can be silent, that you can laugh."

"One day it happens, you are not feeling sleepy, the mind has become tired of you, is fed up with you, has dropped the idea that you can be trapped, is simply finished with you! There is no sleep, no hallucination, no dream, no thought. You are simply sitting there doing nothing...and all is silence and all is peace and all is bliss. You have entered God, you have entered truth." Osho


My Manifesto of Zen is that Zorba and Zen are not antagonistic to each other.
The Zorba can melt into Zen, and only then will both be complete....
In the completion of Zorba and Zen, a tremendous quality comes to your life:
you relish every moment of the outside world, every flower of the outside world.
And you relish simultaneously the inner freedom, the inner joy, the inner drunkenness.... Only in completion is there bliss. Osho



The Way of Tao

A retreat to treat yourself

TAO the three treasures : Meditation retreats (7 or 3 days)

In nature living simply and spontaneously finding the miraculous in the immediate "ordinary" day to day life.
A time without structure, going with the flow and "selecting" spontaneously from a delicious menu of Osho's main Meditations, Taoist's Meditation, Healing, Creativity, relaxation, play and working meditation or "just" sitting silently.
A chance to rest and leisurely realize the treasure of being.

"Accept yourself. That is the only reality there is, that is the only possibility there is. Accept yourself as you are and suddenly everything is transformed. Acceptance is the word for Lao Tzu, not enlightenment -- total acceptance, whatsoever the case is. Nothing else is possible.
This is how things are. This is how you have happened into this vast universe. This vast universe wanted you to be like this -- now you accept."

"Taoists are not concerned whether enlightenment happens suddenly or gradually. They don't care. Lao-Tzu is not interested, he says : to be ordinary is to be enlightenment. It is not something special that one has to attain, it is not an achievement, it is not something that one has to reach. It is you - you flower in your absolute ordinary state. To be extraordinary is the sickness of the ego".

"All great things happen, they can't be done, and they happen for no reason at all…Remember it". Osho

The Innocence of the Heart

A dolphin date

"I'm a child playing on the seashore of time". Osho

We can become what we once were: an innocent child, playing on the seashore for no reason at all, just for the joy of it! The way is the way of the heart and the key is the key of acceptance.
To regain this lost key Osho has created many devices and Meditation techniques. We invite you to experiment and have a taste of Osho's meditative Therapies (Mystic rose, Born again) and other Heart meditations from the V.B.T (Vhigyan Bhairav Tantra). Through this simple and powerful devices we can regain the lost treasures of our childhood, treasures like love, intuition , trust, integrity, courage, joy, innocence, wonder and delight.
When the child creator is freed again, we can paint, write, play, act, sing and dance to our hearts content.
We are also invoking the presence of the dolphins, to open and heal our hearts, to inspire and guide us with their playful sensuous, innocent and loving touch into another dimension of being. A word of harmony and silent joy.
In the deeper spaces of the heart called by the mystics: the empty heart exists it's most precious treasure, in this space we simply are, an innocent child, fresh like a rose flower, happy just to be, a child-Buddha in wonder and ah !

"The heart is the most mysterious center in man . And unless your heart starts functioning, you will not know what is the purpose of life. With the heart the first beginning of the higher vast spaces open. You are getting out of the tunnel." Osho

"Whenever you are surrendered to existence, whenever you are in trust, love and prayer, you are in heaven." Osho



Chakra Healing

oshohands.jpgChakra Healing is a process which detects wounds in the emotional body and releases them into a healing process. Emotional traumas, deep-seated mental blocks and even chronic physical symptoms can often be traced to past life experiences still locked in the chakras, or energy centers, of our unconscious. Chakra Healing releases these blocks to consciousness and restore the natural flow of our energy Healing then happens by itself.

Chakra Healing is a deep energy group helping individuals to explore the strength and contradictions in their energy centers or chakras. The group supports , people understand and work with their subtle energy bodies. We use dynamic meditations, hypnosis, past life movies, color healing, dance, shamanistic energy work, and theatre structures each day to charge one of the five basic energy centers, the sexual center, the power center, the heart center, the throat center and the third eye. By bringing energy to those centers, the wounds or contradictions from childhood and past lifes surface by themselves and participants learn healing ways to release and harmonize these energies.

This group is an opportunity for people wanting to go one step further in the Chakra Healing.

Channel - In

Finding your own light

This group is an opportunity to nourish the space of inner knowing. We all have a deep longing to live the truth of the heart in each moment. This truth can be called : intuition.
We will learn how to access the inner voice beyond the limits of the mind. Immense resources and mysteries are available inside, through meditation we can listen to our "inner guide", we can become free and responsible to create our lives according to our inner light.

"In the real journey of life your intuition is your only teacher".

"Look deep into your heart. Listen to the small voice within and remember one thing: life is fulfilled only through longings, never through ambitions. Life becomes blissful only through the heart, never through the mind". Osho