Women to Women

A Training for Women

In this training for women only you will learn how to move beyond being a woman into the celebration of being a new women according to Osho's vision and ultimately just into being.
You will learn how to create a woman’s circle for healing, meditation and celebration,
A woman’s circle is a sacred and playful space where women can empower each other to flower in their uniqueness and encourage the birth of the new women.
(You will also learn how to offer a women to women open session related specifically to women’s issues.)
We support you to bring forwards your feminine gifts and create your own unique way of guiding a woman’s workplay (workshop).
You will have the opportunity to learn how to explore and bring balance to the male and female energies in order to find an integration and space beyond both and just relax into being.

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Sense and Sensitivity Training

An Energy Experience

In these days you are welcome to nurture your sensitivity and natural capacity to perceive, to sense and see, to listen and "know" from within, to detect and recognize the different qualities of vibrations in each energy center (chakra) and it's corresponding body.
You will learn to open your heart and get rooted in your hara, to trust your feelings, intuitions and in-sights and act accordingly.
You will be receiving a teaching from within, expanding your capacity to sense and perceive beyond the physical plane, increasing what is known as extra-sensorial-perception (e.s.p.) This knowing from within and trusting in the unknown comes from your rootedness in meditation, the silent source from which springs all clarity, healing and peace.

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The Return of the Goddess

Falling in Silence - Rising in Love

The time for love is in our hands let's celebrate now:
The Return of the Goddess is a journey from attachment to love

Would you like to: -love and be loved? -receive and surrender? -love and be free? Are you ready to feel, understand and let-go of "The need to be needed?"

We invite you to be part of our School of Goddesses taking a journey back to yourself come to -dissolve the imprints of the past -discover your inner source of energy -dissolve in your essence: orgasmic, creative, mystique. -awaken your potentials -contribute to the creation of a more conscious era -and "just" honor what you already are: a loving, powerful, fun goddess a unique, simple wonderful flower...

A 7 days retreat includes:
woman-moon: receptivity-love
woman-sun: creativity-meditation
woman-ocean: integration-light
Or a 3 week-ends journey

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